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Traffic in My Heart

The other day my eight-year-old son was complaining about the traffic. “Why are there so many cars? Why is it so busy? Why do we have to wait? “ he asked.  I do not think anyone enjoys traffic. Now that students are returning to town, there are more cars on the roads.  Fortunately for my son, we do no live in a big city. We live in one of those places that we are not sure whether to call a “small city” or a “large town.”

Some days there is so much swirling around me, like traffic in a busy city, that it feels like it is accumulating inside of me. It doesn’t just surround me, but becomes apart of my constant thoughts. “Should I do this or that? Why did he say that?  I need to take care of this. What is next? What is for dinner?” These thoughts cycle through my head, like a current news feed waiting a response. Eventually, I can find myself being anxious, not careful with my words, preoccupied, insensitive or controlling. This traffic has moved to my heart. This traffic is busy, non-stop and burdensome.

Jesus asks me to not stand in the traffic, but say,

         Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden,and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

 He wants me to come to Him, and not stand in the traffic.
He wants those who are weary to come to Him.
He wants to give rest.

Jesus is the rest giver.

The traffic in my heart signals to me that it is time to stop, to come to Him, to be with Him. He wants me to come to Him so He can direct the traffic that is in my heart. For He is the rest giver.


  • Identify the traffic in your heart. Write it down, if it is helpful.  Picture yourself handing over each thing individually to Jesus.
  • Others may cover up it up, but they also have burdensome traffic in their hearts.  Keep this in mind as you are meeting new people, moving in, working alongside others, or encountering others in line or on the streets. Kindness goes a long way.


6 thoughts on “Traffic in My Heart”

  1. I have that traffic in my head. No doubt. And it seems like a “big city” in there…a metroplex! My kids wonder why sometimes, often actually, they have to repeat a question or statement to me. They wonder why I start sentences and don’t finish…it’s the traffic! My mind is trying to think through multiple things at once. I actually think I could process better when I was younger or it could be life is more complicated with older children. Thanks for sharing. I need Jesus.

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