Erin White

Hi, I’m Erin White. I am a developer, activator, and ministry leader. I write this blog because I love to see lives transformed, culture developed, and leaders equipped.

After my life changed considerably in college, I decided to work with students in the campus ministry of Cru (and to this day I still work with Cru!). Over the years I have served on a variety of campuses and in international partnership locations. For a few years I led at Texas A&M University. I recently graduated with a Masters of Christian Leadership, and currently give leadership to campus movements in Texas and Louisiana.

This space is extension of what I hope for in my life and in others — transformation and impact. Maybe you are like me and desire your life to count for something much bigger than yourself. But we all need perspective in order for this to happen. Jesus said to look up and see — see what He sees and see life from a different perspective. I want to see like this. I also want to be. I desire to be the kind of person who is being transformed and making a lasting impact. I am passionate about helping others to follow Jesus and lead others to simple and lasting transformation.

This site is a space to cultivate perspective, so that we may follow well and lead well. Thanks for visiting erinwhite.com!

Follow Well. Lead Well.