Hi, my name is Erin! After my life changed considerably in college, I decided to work with students in the campus ministry of Cru. I have worked on staff with Cru for over 28 years. Recently, I led with my husband Brian (for 18 years) at Texas A&M University. Now I give leadership to campus movements in Texas and Louisiana.
I have four boys from ages 14 to 23 and a recent daughter-in-law! I am pretty ordinary and normal, but life over the years with four boys has not been! A few facts- one spring we went to the emergency room three times in six weeks. I also use to make 10 sandwiches a day for school lunches! We went through a lot of bread (and milk and everything else)! One year I could be found cheering at triathlon races, rock climbing competitions, basketball tournaments, and flag football games. I also count some of our favorite family memories on summer missions overseas where having four boys was like being a rock star! I love having boys, but absolutely enjoy having a daughter-in-law! My favorite things right now are spending time with family, walking the dog, and catching a favorite tv series on Netflix. I am also in seminary, so my main hobby is reading big, fat books!
Why this site? Maybe you are like me and desire your life to count for something much bigger than yourself. But we all need perspective in order for this to happen. Jesus said to look up and see- see what He sees and see life from a different perspective. I want to see like this. I also want to be. I desire to be the kind of person who is being transformed and living a transformed life. I am passionate about helping other to follow Jesus and lead others to simple and lasting transformation.
So, this site is a space to cultivate perspective, in order that we may follow and lead well.
Thanks for visiting erinwhite.com!