Extending the Gospel in Uncertain Times

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Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com Part 1 As I study Luke and Acts, a theme I notice is one of uncertainty in the early church. Yet Luke, the author, also brings in a sense of assurance in the midst of it. It was the most certain of times. It was also the least certain … Continue reading Extending the Gospel in Uncertain Times

3 Successful Women in Luke and the Question they Might Ask

Today is a challenge. It is a challenge to know if what we are doing is the right thing. What we do, does it matter? Are we being “successful” though we are working from home, schooling our kids, meeting virtually, and tentatively planning for the future? In my questioning, I came across 3 women in … Continue reading 3 Successful Women in Luke and the Question they Might Ask

5 Things We Want Every Student to Experience

By Tim Norman As a leader it is easy to give attention to many things, but not to the few right sort of things. Often the loudest voices get our attention first. Because of our need right now as spiritual leaders, to not only remember why we do things, but to remember and emphasize a … Continue reading 5 Things We Want Every Student to Experience

Rethinking Rest in Our Digital World

By Brian White    Because of constantly changing times, as leaders we might find ourselves or our teams tired and in need of rethinking how we find rest. My husband Brian is going to share today about this.  Recently I read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and was challenged by it. I have had a … Continue reading Rethinking Rest in Our Digital World

A Test of Leadership

I can’t do virtual,” I heard another person say recently. " And I don’t know if I can continue in this work if everything now is online.” Their work is in ministry with college students; and they do their work to be in the same space as students. “Why continue, if this is not what … Continue reading A Test of Leadership

So You Want to Make Disciples?

Making and Multiplying Disciples Framework Let’s start with a basic framework, the Making and Multiplying Disciples Tool. This might become your new best friend for spiritually multiplying! You can download this document and watch the attached video that gives a general overview in using it. One way to use this document is to print it … Continue reading So You Want to Make Disciples?

Questions for Pursuing Diversity

One issue we cannot ignore as leaders is the issue of ethnic diversity. This might be a defining topic of our times and on our campuses. As a team we cannot not give this attention. But where do we start? This lead us to Big Rock #3 (See: Identifying the Big Rocks.) Ethnicity, culture and … Continue reading Questions for Pursuing Diversity

Clarifying Discipleship

One of the most motivating parts of leadership is changed lives. Life change energizes us, engages us, and keeps us going even in the most trying times as a leader. On the other hand, it is discouraging when we question whether we are making an impact at all. Does what we do make a difference? … Continue reading Clarifying Discipleship