Standing in a sea of flowers

God’s love for me is like standing in a sea of flowers –

If you live in Texas, you are aware of the countryside and along highways turning into a mass of blue during the Spring. You may be one of those kids who endured having many photos taken of you, while sitting in midst of those bluebonnet blooms. Standing on the side of the road that time of year is like being on the shore of a sea of flowers. It is stunning! Recently, I came across a beautiful garden with endless beds of bright summer blooms, with some especially vivid red ones.  I couldn’t help but take picture after picture. I thought, “one flower is nice, but a sea of flowers makes me stop.”

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are standing in a sea of flowers. Let me explain. Right now you may be feeling looked over or neglected. You may feel like you are not “someone.” You don’t feel valuable. You don’t feel included. Maybe you were not chosen for something or were actually overlooked by someone–by a new roommate, a sorority or club, a boss, or a family member. We all want to be somebody. When we don’t feel like “someone” it affects us, even changes us.  If we are honest, we may then feel we need to do something different or be different. If we were smarter, prettier, more competent, had more resources or money, a different personality, worked harder, we would then be valuable. We would then feel like “someone.”

If we step aside from these thoughts and feelings we may find out that we really are valuable. God loves us. By God loving us, He says, “Yes, you are valuable. You are treasured.” In Ephesians 3:17-19 it says:

…that you being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.

Not only does does God love you, but His love towards you is vast, deep and wide–like a sea of flowers. Some words God uses to describe His love towards us are “abundant,” “better than life,” “great,” “enduring,” and  “everlasting.” This is how much He loves you.

I have discovered not only is God’s love great, but He is for me. He loves me and has good for me. His love towards me makes me “someone.” I am complete in Him and completely loved. This makes me secure and redefines me in a life-changing way. It gives me a new freedom to be who He has created me to be and and to trust in Him in what is ahead. I am one who is loved deeply. Not only are these things true, but they are immense, and even beyond my comprehension.

This love also affects those around me. I also have a vast love to give others. This love  gives me the ablilty to love others even when I feel overlooked or neglected. I also can share this kind of love with others who are in as similar situation. I can share what I posssess with them. His love goes on and on. This kind of abundant, enduring and great love is simply amazing! It changes me and those around me. I think being loved like this is not like having just one little flower in my hand, but is it like standing in a vast and wide, beautiful sea of flowers.

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Overflow:  allowing God’s ways to touch our lives and then our lives to pour out to others

How does knowing the abundance of God’s love for you impact you today?

Is there someone you know that feels neglected or overlooked? How could you share the truth of what God is like with them?

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