Turn the Power On

Day 23 of Lent, Psalm 29:

Power. The word means many different things. Sometimes I don’t think of such good things, when I hear that word.  Often I think of people who abuse their power, and wield it over others.  I also think about how we want our “things” to have more power, to be faster, stronger. We want to speed things up. We are quickly on to the next generation of gadgets that promise more power, more memory, more, more… Then power can be something I take for granted, use and rely on every day.  Sometimes the power goes off during a storm, I am so glad when we can have our lights and ac again.

God is powerful, but what does that means? Does it mean He is strong, resilient, influential? Psalm 29 says that one way we undertand God’s power is through nature.  It makes sense that God is powerful, and I think, “Of course, He is.” What is interesting about God’s power, is that I want to see it displayed for it to be true. There are areas I want to see Him work, do big things, cause things to be different, do a miracle.  But when I don’t “see” these things, I tend to naturally become discouraged.  Maybe I don’t see these things, because my eyes are not open to His power. Maybe I don’t pray big prayers. Possibly, I try to do things on my own, instead of trusting Him to do big things. This Psalm says His power is all around me. No matter what it is, whether I see it or not, God is still powerful.

A Powerful Voice
In Psalm 29, even God’s voice is powerful. Some people have power and persuasion with their voice, like the influence of the voice of a principal who tells the children to be quiet in the hall. Quickly, after hearing his voice, the kids are quiet.

The voice of the Lord is upon many waters. Think about the power of water and all it can do.  A large body of water is an amazing, and powerful thing. He is over these waters.

His voice is powerful, and majestic.His voice can break things into pieces and shake things up. His voice makes things happen.

Yes, He does have a powerful voice.  He is the One who spoke creation into existence.  With His words He created. With His words He created out of nothing. Then God said, “Let there be light;” and there was light. God’s voice has the power and ability to do the impossible.

If God’s voice is powerful, then He is powerful. Nothing is too difficult for Him.  It is not like God will run out of strength, have a power outage, and not be able to restore it back to the regular level. No, He is always powerful, always able, always strong.  Nothing is too difficult for Him.

I prayed to The Lord, saying, “Ah Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too difficult for You, who shows lovingkindness to thousands…” Jeremiah 32:17,18

 His power matters very much.

It is good for me to remember these things when I don’t seem to see His power.

  • He is God and more powerful than any other forces, including the forces of darkness.
  • God is powerful in His nature, but He is also loving, just, wise, patient, and good. His power is used with His other qualities. He will not abuse His power, that is not what He does.
  • He also does the most unlikely thing for one who has all power in His hands. He shares His power. He gives power through the Holy Spirit. As a believer, we have a supernatural power to overcome the power of the flesh and of darkness. We have the power to walk by faith and see Him accomplish great things through us, in us and around us.  I have His power.  The God of the universe has given me His power for His purposes.
  • He is able to overcome anything in our lives we are facing.  He is powerful.

What are some things you need to trust Him with? Where would you like to see big works accomplished. Are there areas of you life that seem too difficulty to overcome?

 God is powerful. He is able.