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The Faithfulness that Trumps All

Day 27 of Lent, Psalm 33:

Who doesn’t like people and things that are faithful? It brings comfort to know that the mail will be delivered, the flowers will bloom in a certain season, our car will start, the credit card will go through, the next holiday will come around, the trash will be picked up, the water will turn on, our phone number will remain the same and spring will come.

More importantly, there is security in faithfulness. There is security in knowing our children will come home from school, our job will produce our needed income, our health will continue to be steady, and our spouse will always be there.

Whether we think about it everyday or not, we depend on the faithfulness of others and of the world around us. We may like variety, spontaneity, but everyone depends on faithfulness.

Unfortunately, many things do not prove faithful. Our car blows a tire, the economy changes, our identity is compromised, the holiday is sad with memories, the news from the doctor is not so good, and the distance grows between loved ones. Life is full of unfaithfulness. Eventually, we are surprised and blindsided by unfaithfulness. What do we do?

God’s faithfulness trumps all

I love that Psalm 33 speaks about God’s faithfulness. He is steady when the world is not. He is consistent, even when family or friends are fickle. He is patiently and generously faithful. Faithfulness is apart on His nature.

The word of the Lord is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness.

All His work, (not just some of His work, but all of His work) is done in faithfulness.

Faithfulness of creation

The Psalm says that God spoke creation into existence.  One characteristic (I have not thought much about) of creation is there is a predictability and faithfulness to it.  The sun rises and another day begins.  The stars and moon faithfully brighten the sky. The waves crash, the rain comes, and the wind blows. The birds sing in the morning, dogs bark, and rabbits hop. The earth spins and orbits, and the seasons change. Creation shouts and sings of God’s faithfulness.

God demonstrates His faithfulness through His works.  His works declare of who He is. If God is faithful, always faithful, what does that mean? A few things come to mind:

  • I know He is consistent. He is faithfully loving. He is faithfully just. He is faithfully gracious. This is His faithful nature. I love to be able to know what He is like. As I see Him revealed I want to know Him more deeply.
  • He will always be. He will never cease to exist. I can always count on Him. This is a comfort to know I can always depend on Him, even when the little things and big things of life disappoint, change, and even disappear. God can and will comfort me when all else fails. In my most difficult time, He is sufficient.
  • As His child, He will never let me go. I am permanently His. There will never be a time I cease to be His child. He perseveres with me, chases me, and brings me in. He delights in me and wants the best for me. What security to know that He will never leave me or forsake me, for He is faithful. God is an amazing God.  His faithfulness makes me want to give thanks and sing praises, for no one is like Him. He trumps all.

God is faithful. This gives me comfort, security and a heart of praise.

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