Overflowing Love

Where does this “overflow” begin? God, who began and created the world, created a people in His image. He poured out His love and goodness upon them and in the world He created. But the ones He loved, turned from Him. Believing a lie instead of the truth, they rebelled. Even though they turned, God in His faithfulness continued to call them and seek them. At times, they would return, only to turn once again from Him.

God would remind them of His faithful love and His purposes for them. He promised through the prophets and the scriptures that One would come, a Messiah, who would make all things right. The prophets pointed to Him, waited for Him and expected Him to come. The Messiah would bring peace once again between God and His people.  He would restore His people and creation, making things as they ought to be.

After a silence the Messiah did come, born like the ones He came to save. He was born a man, yet He was God. He was Jesus the Christ. As Jesus lived and walked the earth, He showed what His kingdom was like and that He was the long expected One. With many healings, signs, and miracles He demonstrated His power over sickness, demons and death. He came to make things right.  Things were obviously not as they ought to be. Heartache, tragedy, disease, wars, disaster, pain, suffering, abandonment, abuse, and death filled the earth. He came to save.

Jesus, the expected One, said His life would be given as a ransom for the very ones who turned and sinned. Jesus then suffered, died on the cross, and was buried in a tomb just as the scriptures and the prophets spoke. The One without sin became sin on our behalf. His life was broken for the broken. His life was poured out for all to give forgiveness of sins. Then something amazing happened, He rose from the dead just as He said He would. He appeared and many witnessed Him. Jesus said He would One day return and restore all things, making them as they ought to be. He will reign as king.

Jesus Christ died and was raised to forgive us our sins and give us new life. This forgiveness is received by believing in the One – Jesus as the Christ who died and rose again. Believing is trusting in Him, as the One who saves.   When we believe we go from death to life. We are adopted into His family.  We have a new life. We receive forgiveness for our sins and eternal life. This is true life.

When you believe, His Spirit comes to live inside you. His love is poured out in you. You have a new power and Christ’s love and message of forgiveness for the world. His love overflows to you and you overflow this to the world.

*Here are some helpful links I have included that paint a picture of this overflowing love. Take some time to look at one of these. What do you find helpful?

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 *Have you experienced personally the saving story of Jesus and His overflowing love?

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