“The student is able to persuade others with respect to biblical and theological truth through oral, written, and electronic media.”


  • I want to take advantage of opportunities in teaching the Word and in equipping of leaders, whether that be in-person, virtually, or through video and writing,
  • I want to grow in my effectiveness as a leader through the use of a variety of platforms.


  • I will develop a synthetic overview chart on the book of Luke and teach from Luke in a couple of settings.
  • I will make opportunities to grow in my effectiveness in leading on the Zoom platform.
  • I will develop in the use of video to highlight Spiritual Multiplication and will make them accessible to Cru staff.
  • I will write a series of blog posts.


  • Team Leader Zoom Calls
  • Cru Cohort Gatherings
  • People: Various Cru Staff and Interns
  • Youtube
  • My website and blog:


  • I will have completed a synthetic chart on the book of Luke by April 2021.
  • I will have had a variety of teaching experiences from the book of Luke by April 2021.
  • I will have hosted monthly Zoom Calls for Team Leaders, spoke several times to my Cru Cohort and led a seminar at a national Cru conference.
  • I will make four videos on Spiritual Multiplication and post on Youtube during Fall 2020.
  • I will have written monthly on my blog this year.




For more writings go HERE




For my Communication’s goal I am submitting artifacts from my study in the Gospel of Luke, which includes artifacts from a virtual teaching time, a synthetic chart of the book, and a few papers I wrote. As I spent the year in studying Luke I felt more competent in communicating from Luke. I really enjoyed having this focus. I also had other opportunities to teach virtually. Each one presented new challenges as I learned to navigate virtual platforms.

The second group of artifacts I am submitting include some of the blog posts I wrote over the year. These challenged me to give attention to topics related to leadership and mission. I am continued to be reminded how much I enjoy communicating through writing. I also enjoyed asking other leaders to be a guest writer on my blog. This was another chance to include others.

The last group of artifacts I am submitting flow out of a desire to try short videos as a platform for communicating. These were an attempt at something new and involve others beside myself as well. I desire to use my leadership role to platform others and these communication artfiacts includes some of that.


As I developed in communication, I learned that I have to adapt to the times. Teaching in-person became limited due to the pandemic, so I needed to take advantage of other opportunities. It also gave me a chance to use different type of communication platforms. I saw how much I like writing and being creative in how I present. I also found that communicating on Zoom makes me second guess myself, since it is a challenge to receive good feedback. I definitely felt stretched and need to trust God with these virtual platforms.

Lifelong Development Statement 

As a restful of these communication platforms I would like to continue to go deeper in Luke and teach from it. I do think I am better equipped in using Zoom, and will continue to take advantage of opportunities to use it. But most of all I was reminded that I would like to dedicate more time to communicate through writing.