Erin White

The Trinity: Unity and Diversity

There has been a lot of ground covered over the last four posts and I want to attempt to put it altogether. Just as I started -- if someone asks me about the Trinity, instead of looking puzzled and sidestepping the question, I would like to answer with what I do understand. There is mystery, … Continue reading The Trinity: Unity and Diversity

Questions for Pursuing Diversity

One issue we cannot ignore as leaders is the issue of ethnic diversity. This might be a defining topic of our times and on our campuses. As a team we cannot not give this attention. But where do we start? This lead us to Big Rock #3 (See: Identifying the Big Rocks.) Ethnicity, culture and … Continue reading Questions for Pursuing Diversity

Clarifying Discipleship

One of the most motivating parts of leadership is changed lives. Life change energizes us, engages us, and keeps us going even in the most trying times as a leader. On the other hand, it is discouraging when we question whether we are making an impact at all. Does what we do make a difference? … Continue reading Clarifying Discipleship