Is there a Secret to Contentment?

(Continuing the theme: "Things that can trip us up.") Stacy was really smart-- so smart she met with the teacher one-on-one. That was a challenge for me, who really wanted to be the smartest. I attributed it to the fact that she watched Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Neither of which I was fond of, but … Continue reading Is there a Secret to Contentment?

Trust for my Overwhelmed Heart

Overwhelmed. I did a poll this week and found, "10 out of 12 people" feel overwhelmed right now. Ok, there were only 12 people in the room, and it wasn't a very scientific study, but I do have a strong hunch this is a common feeling at this point in the year. See, I have been through … Continue reading Trust for my Overwhelmed Heart

Looking Outward

I like windows. (Stick with me for a minute and you will see how this applies right now!) Windows come in all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes.  I especially like old wooden windows, with small panes, for they have character, and a story to tell. To me, windows speak of possibilities. You never know … Continue reading Looking Outward

Detoxing my Soul of Gluttony with Fasting

I feel really, really full-- and not the good kind of full, like you feel after a good conversation, a hug from your child or a nice compliment. There is the "full of contentment and peace" and then there is the "full" that feels like a stuffed turkey. After all the yummy baked goods and … Continue reading Detoxing my Soul of Gluttony with Fasting

Stop, and then start

There are times I just wish I could start over; I wish things went differently. No one hopes for a bad ending. This may sound strange, yet could really pay off in the long run-- before starting, try stopping. That sounds counterintuitive. What runner would stop after the gun is fired? When the proctor says, “It is … Continue reading Stop, and then start

Following: Taking the best path

“Follow me.” Two simple words, follow and me, but together they are very influential. Their impact has been tremendous on my life and possibly yours as well. These two words have made me stop at different times: stop and hesitate. Following feels a little scary and unpredictable for me. I want it to be more … Continue reading Following: Taking the best path