worms eyeview of green trees

I was not an avid reader as a child like Dad. He had numerous books going simultaneously. I was always amazed by the wide variety of subjects he read. I, on the other hand, had a difficult time even finishing a book. And there were many times I peeked ahead to find out how things … Continue reading Convinced

The Trinity: Puzzling or Understandable?

Do you ever feel puzzled if asked about the Trinity? I know I have. It seems safer to sidestep a question about the Trinity, change the subject or say something like this, “That is a good question, the Trinity is a mystery and hard to understand. I can’t really explain it.”  I grew up in … Continue reading The Trinity: Puzzling or Understandable?

The Trinity: Unity and Diversity

There has been a lot of ground covered over the last four posts and I want to attempt to put it altogether. Just as I started -- if someone asks me about the Trinity, instead of looking puzzled and sidestepping the question, I would like to answer with what I do understand. There is mystery, … Continue reading The Trinity: Unity and Diversity

Unraveling sin, one thread at a time

Easter week, Psalm 41: The anger could not be avoided. It was open for all to see and hear, as tables were turned and irate voices followed. “Impossible. Embarrassing. Unlikely. What right does he have?” were the thoughts of the crowd. Others thought, “It is about time. Finally. Serves them right! Who would have the … Continue reading Unraveling sin, one thread at a time

Giving the Unexpected at Christmas: Reflections on a Lavish Giver

This is the first year I have taken full advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Christmas shopping. Sitting in the comfort of my home, saving up to fifty percent, and pairing it with free shipping, is my way to shop! It sure beats the traffic, dreary weather and waiting in long lines. I … Continue reading Giving the Unexpected at Christmas: Reflections on a Lavish Giver

The Silence in the Waiting

Day 39 of Lent, Psalm 45:  “It is finished.”  Jesus breathes His last breath. The earth mourns and groans with a quake and the splitting of stones. The curtain tears in two. Now it is finished. Now, is silent. With a gasp and a pregnant pause, every whisper can be heard. The silence is deafening, … Continue reading The Silence in the Waiting

Favored, not Forsaken

Day 38 of Lent, Psalm 44: There are times that feel dry, lonely and empty. There may be nothing really ”wrong." We may have family, school to finish, work and friends, even. Though life is full, it also feels desolate, like a desert. God feels distant, unreachable, as if He is hiding. Have you experienced … Continue reading Favored, not Forsaken

Trapped in misunderstanding

Day 37 of Lent, Psalm 43: Have you ever been falsely accused? Kids point their finger at their sibling, while their sibling points right back and says, "I did not! You did it." Our first and most natural response to accusations or being misunderstood has probably not changed that much since we were kids. It … Continue reading Trapped in misunderstanding