Erin White

A Test of Leadership

I can’t do virtual,” I heard another person say recently. " And I don’t know if I can continue in this work if everything now is online.” Their work is in ministry with college students; and they do their work to be in the same space as students. “Why continue, if this is not what … Continue reading A Test of Leadership

So You Want to Make Disciples?

Making and Multiplying Disciples Framework Let’s start with a basic framework, the Making and Multiplying Disciples Tool. This might become your new best friend for spiritually multiplying! You can download this document and watch the attached video that gives a general overview in using it. One way to use this document is to print it … Continue reading So You Want to Make Disciples?

The Trinity: Puzzling or Understandable?

Do you ever feel puzzled if asked about the Trinity? I know I have. It seems safer to sidestep a question about the Trinity, change the subject or say something like this, “That is a good question, the Trinity is a mystery and hard to understand. I can’t really explain it.”  I grew up in … Continue reading The Trinity: Puzzling or Understandable?

The Trinity: Unity and Diversity

There has been a lot of ground covered over the last four posts and I want to attempt to put it altogether. Just as I started -- if someone asks me about the Trinity, instead of looking puzzled and sidestepping the question, I would like to answer with what I do understand. There is mystery, … Continue reading The Trinity: Unity and Diversity